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Keychain Access Window Problem – A’s in Squares Mac OS X

November 16th, 2011 admin

So let’s say that you turn on your Mac for another day at work and all of a sudden when you get the keychain access window to enter your password, you end up seeing something like the one in Figure 1 below. Your keychain access windows (your system) is having all these weird characters and now you can’t read your messages for access. You may start by going to Google and trying to find solutions, however you may not find anything, just like I did.

KeyChain Access Window Problem with Fonts

Figure 1.

What do you do to correct this? Not only it is annoying, also it may be dangerous to click something you can’t read. Imagine if you install something that you shouldn’t!

Here is how to fix it:

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Finder Problems Mac OS X Lion – Finder keeps Restarting – SOLUTION

August 10th, 2011 admin

For the past 10 hours I have been experiencing lots of problems related to my recent upgrade to Lion (Mac OS X 10.6). For some of you out there, it might have been as easy breezy as simply downloading and then hitting the button. For me, it has been an ocean of tears along the way both in my MacBook Pro and in my Mac Pro. The latest tears came from a Finder App problem. All of a sudden, my Finder started to crash and restart, crash and restart indefinitely. I tried everything under the sun. I thought at first that it had to do with the Trashcan as some blogs mention and tried absolutely everything including repairing permissions, restarting in Safe Mode, Command S, Command V and much more of all things. None of them worked. Read the rest of this entry »