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Intermarketing by Merkados™ is an initiative to bring business owners the technical abilities to quickly move their business forward. Some business owners know how to do their main passion, what they studied and love to do; but sometimes, they don’t have the same level of expertise to the “business” side of things. Most importantly, business in today’s environment requires a high degree of understanding of the web.

In a post-pandemic world, people are much more connected through the Internet. We all do things differently but most importantly, we do business, but we do it in our terms. And the web, is exactly what empowers this whole new dynamic.

How do you attract new clients? It is not billboards, it is online ads or SEO. How do you nurture those leads? It is not through mail, it is through email, webinars, social media and video. How do you convert them? It rarely is through a product display on a physical shelf, instead a careful website funnel design.

The future involves digital marketing for business owners.

Whether you are a young electrician just starting your own business or you are a CEO leading a Fortune 500, the basic principle applies: either you learn about the web or you hire someone who knows about the web.

Intermarketing is a teaching tool – to teach about the web, we hope it is helpful.

Warm regards,

Alex Centeno

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