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Digital Media Services for Christian verticals?

Merkados has launched their latest service online. This time is directed towards the ecclesiastic vertical. .

For quite some time now I have thought of new media services for Christian churches. So many times I have had the chance to go to a Non-denominational Christian service and feel that Christians are getting better in providing an inviting experience for the non-believers.

Even though I don’t want to sound controversial, I also understand that marketing is involved in the successful administration of a church. Now, so many people say: “NO, the gospel is in no way related to business”, but the truth is that administration is administration. If a church, as any other organization, hasn’t enough revenue to pay for its bills and sustain growth then it will deteriorate its own chances of survival in the long term.

According to the Bible we are called to be good administrators of our talents and to make the most out of them. Does that mean that Christian services should be inviting and friendly to the visitor? Should smaller groups be the way to provide nourishment to the already spiritually mature? You better believe it.

Independently of your religion and personal belief, I am sure that you enjoy a well organized, well orchestrated message. No matter if it is in a church or a motivational seminar, bad preparation and lack of public speaking experience can interfere in the message.

Some of the most amazing motivational speakers of this nation have been pastors; take for example Martin Luther King.

I hope that with this new set of services we can help Christian churches in Raleigh do their job: to share the gospel.

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