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Do whatever, but do it boldly

So, my wife and I just got back from the U2 concert. The first thing I have to say is that the stage is huge! Apart from the mere size of the stage, the whole experience from digital media to lighting to sound was absolutely first class.

Is that why that stadium was full? I don;t think so. Hence the purpose of this post. I think that all U2 success is based on one concept of one man. The man’s name is Bono. The concept is simple to know, however is incredibly difficult to execute:

Do whatever you want in life, but whatever you choose to do, do it boldly

What does that mean? Well, all of us are very good at being half-hearted at most things. However a life lived in this fasion takes away more value than it gives. We are truly like sheep that need direction. If you feel like somebody is bold, I believe that mentally you think that they know better than you what the right direction is.

Thousands of people payed a good ticket price to listen to U2 in concert. They did so thanks to the fact that Bono decided to make U2’s music as bold as he could. He makes their music more than a concert. Is a political-social-spiritual experience. He shares his views with the audience. Those views by the way are pretty bold as well. In fact I feel that he is past the point of being afraid of what people are going to say about them. He is past the point of caring about media and about public opinion. He has arrived at the higher place where now he has a true voice.

I believe we are all called to that place. Voicing our beliefs and our direction without fear or regret. Sharing who you really are is key in living a life of purpose and meaning. And the only way of getting there is to be bold.

Next time you are presented with the opportunity of doing your something, do it boldly. Don’t just half-do it. Don’t do an ok job. Go full blast. Give your all. Give your life. Be relentless and do it with the intensity that you would expect from the best at it. That would give you a voice. Once you have it, use it for good.

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