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Google’s Valentine this year is: Webmasters

Once again, I am incredibly excited about the new Google Webmaster Central update. This time, Google has decided to give webmasters a glimpse into their linking structures (internal and external). For those of you wondering: “Well, so what?” The release is not intended for you. If you don’t see the value in knowing who is linking to your websites (for the first time from Google’s perspective rather than Yahoo’s) and how you are linking to your own pages, you probably don’t see the value in having an optimized internet marketing strategy.

For those of us in the SEO, SEM, or Analytics world, it is fabulous to gain so much valuable information and will be received with wide open arms. Even though Google could stay out of trouble by limiting the amount of information that they share with the webmasters, they choose to provide a great environment of knowledge, and that, to me, speaks millions about the company. Also, other participants now provide a great deal of information related to links and link graphs, and therefore, Google really has nothing to lose in providing that information since other providers would give it anyways.

One of the reasons that make me like Google is that they have a great balance between providing and receiving value. You can give and receive and be one of the biggest businesses around. Many companies out there think that they have to “milk” their clients in order to make a living. And Google once again proves them all wrong.

Anyhow, if you already have a Google Webmaster Console account, log on to it and click in the “Links” section. If you need assistance with the interpretation of the information, then give Merkados a call; we will be more than glad to help.

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