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Do you want to track your internal search queries with Google Analytics?

if you are in the look for an easy way to track internal search queries with Google Analytics here is how to do it setting up the __setVar()
javascript code.
Step 1. In your form tag:
2. Everytime that someone searches for anything in your search form
they will be segmented according to their search query. Now, what if you want to track more than 1 query per visitor? In this case what you would do is set the urchinTracker() javascript call instead of the utmSetVar(). Assign a unique name to the page view and exclude that name from your profile to avoid “inflating” your stats.
In Google Analytics in the first case the information will appear under: VISITOR SEGMENT PERFORMANCE > User Defined Segment or by cross segmenting any report with the user-define tab. In the second example each query would represent a separate pageview.That is it.

Simple, Easy and Powerful.

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