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Merkados’ Advanced Online Marketing Labs

Merkados Advanced Online Marketing Labs

Just a quick note. A new Merkados project is on! We will be launching hopefully early next year a new service called Merkados Advanced Online Marketing Labs. This “labs” would allow online businesses to drive traffic to their site while creating a completely new experience and ensuring online success. This program will be by invitation only and Merkados will choose from the businesses requesting to be part of the program. Why? Well, it is technically impossible to create a unique significant experience without limiting the amount of businesses invited to a program like this. We will only take on fully committed clients with great desire to learn, contribute, grow and be part of something bigger than their own web presence. I know what you are already thinking: “this is going to be expensive”. I am sure that all of our client’s will be amazed at how affordable and profitable this will be.

If you wish more information about our program, please contact Merkados directly. As said before, the program will likely launch early next year and hopefully raise the bar way higher in terms of interactive marketing.

Say: "Hola" to your new clients.

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