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Typekit: Removing the Wrapping Paper – Nettuts+

Typekit: Removing the Wrapping Paper

Typekit: Removing the Wrapping Paper – Nettuts+

Today’s fast post is about Website Typography. For the longest time type online has been just an absolute chaos. The reason is pretty simple. Every browser has a different set of fonts installed. Some of them come standard in most computers, however you can’t get to fancy or otherwise some of your visitors may see your websites in a different light.
Many people have tried to relieve the pressure and used some solutions with different degrees of success.
Is TypeKit the final answer that web developers where searching for? Well, I don’t know yet, cause I haven’t gotten a beta invite. So why am I writing about this? Well, regardless of if this is the real deal. The real deal at some point will show up. The web is the perfect canvas for professional and controlled design. The next generation of publishers are going to be online first and print second.
Browsers are definitely going in that direction and I can’t wait what the IE10 or the Firefox 6 have to offer. Perhaps finally whatever typography you want to use?

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