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When Great Websites Go Bad – Tips to Improve

As a professional digital media designer, I am constantly in contact with great and not so great websites. So what I wanted to do in this quick post, was to give some advice to those new designers that know how to do the main ground work: design by hand, implement digitally, slice the design, code in html, css and php and then build the website; but they unfortunately lack the knowledge of how to refine the last details.

This happens to be extremely important in aging websites. As a website progresses in its life, its owners often request things to be modified and changed. Perhaps a new image added to that page, and another bullet point to the frequent asked questions page, or to create another page, etc. This is certainly not uncommon. But what happens is that the design itself starts to look like a Frankenstein and its look goes BAD.

So here are some tips to prevent those things from happening:


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