The five secret reasons to still use Meta Tags in Online Marketing

December 23rd, 2006 admin Location: Raleigh, NC, Topic: Web Design | Digital Media

Much has been said about Meta Tags and many say that there is no value to having them while others say that they are still relevant. In my opinion Meta tags are still very significant and I have included five reasons to create and maintain compelling Meta Tags in your web site:

  1. Most of the time your Meta Tags show up in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). This means that if you have a descriptive page title and a good page description you boost your chances of potential clients clicking and visiting your site automatically. It has been proven that searchers take a fast glance at the search results of their query trying to find the result that seems to be the most accurate. When you decide to only have your website’s name in the title tag or no description tags you are ultimately reducing your traffic by minimizing the probability of clicks.
  2. Meta Tags are among the first things read by the Search Engines in a web page. The spiders crawl from top to bottom of the page. The elements that are in the top of your pages are read first and they help determine the overall concept or theme of your page. By including good keyword rich Meta tags you help the spiders index your pages and under the apposite theme.
  3. Meta tags provide valuable information to your visitors. By having a descriptive title tag your clients have a better understanding of where they are in your site. It serves as a usability tool and helps preventing confusion in your users. The less confused your visitors are the greater the chances of converting them into clients.
  4. They make your business look professional. If you have a small company and want to make a big impression, your presentation is imperative. If you don’t have tags then your users may notice that you don’t pay the extra attention to details. On the other hand if you include custom descriptive tags in each of your pages then your visitors will sense that you are careful about your own website. This meaning is really important because it sends out the message: “if they take care of their website, then they can take care of my needs”. If you represent a big corporation, then your company’s reputation and brand are on the line.
  5. Finally Meta-tags are important because they provide directives for the spiders about what to do with your pages. If you include a robots meta-tag then you can prevent your content from being indexed and your links from being followed. You can instruct the spiders to crawl the page and not the links or to follow the links without indexing the page.

Meta-tags indeed have been abused by many companies, especially SEO corporations that include sometimes just a dull repetition of keywords. They have the Search Engines in mind and not end-users.

The best way to write effective Meta Tags is to use descriptive keywords and use them wisely in attempt to describe the contents of a page to your niche. Don’t overload your tags with senseless keywords and careless repetitions.

Even though writing quality meta-tags can help you achieve your online success, remember that it is not the only factor in play; in order to effectively reach your niche and improve your online strategies you might need the help of a professional internet marketing agency.

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Alex Centeno MBA., Es un director creativo y estratega de medios digitales reconocido internacionalmente. En la actualidad reside a tan solo minutos del Research Triangle Park (RTP) - Carolina del Norte, y con más de 10 años de entrenamiento y experiencia en marketing interactivo, Alex lidera a los clientes internacionales de Merkados™ para maximizar sus estrategias de negocios en línea. Una de las mayores fortalezas de Alex es su capacidad global de combinar de manera efectiva, mercadeo interactivo, diseño de medios digitales y desarrollo web.

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