Using Teasers Effectively in Online Marketing

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The concept of a teaser

A teaser is a perfect way of presenting your information without giving away all of it. With the rise of interactive marketing the concept of teasers has become more and more utilized. With the amount of information that you can find online it’s difficult to prove your value to anybody these days. With a teaser people learn about your products and at the same time allow you an opportunity to explain why should they care. But wait, can the wrong teaser harm your business? 

In this article, Alex Centeno MBA, creative director and online marketing strategist with over 10 years of experience online, provides you with his no-bs, straight to the point, take on how to create effective teasers. Give your users a taste of your product or information while gaining an advantage that can generate a lot of business. These interesting keys will transform your potential market into faithful buyers.

So what are the keys to providing the right teaser?


  1. It should be very high quality. Some people make the mistake of giving their low quality information away as a the teaser and then keeping their high-quality information when their visitors have paid. However the teaser is the way to entice people to purchase your information. So you want to make sure that your teasers are of the highest quality possible. Remember that the teaser is the way your potential market is going to judge you.
  2. They need to be enough to tease but not enough to satisfy. One of the biggest mistakes about this is that as content providers we end up giving away everything for free. This balance can be tricky at times. The response that you want from your visitors is : ” I like this, I want more of it.” Sometimes I see the opposite happen as well. The teaser is simply not enough to get anybody’s attention. Give something away that is valuable on its own. But also make sure that it is not satisfying the need.
  3. Make sure that your teasers are pointing in the direction of purchasing your services. This technique is of no value to you unless it increases the desire for your information and products. Remember that the reason for having teasers in the first place is to gain more clients. Therefore, you want to always advertise the fact that it is only a teaser, the best is yet to come – if they buy from you.
  4. Last but not least, make sure that your teasers offer the same kind of benefits than your information. Otherwise you will end up with very unsatisfied customers. Sometimes people are excellent at providing valuable teasers, they get their target audience to comply and purchase their products only to be incredibly disappointed with the actual product. Often this is the case when the nature of the product is very different than the nature of your teaser. The key to solving this is to create your product first. Then create the teaser from your product. For example, if your product is a book, then take the first 20 pages and give them away as a teaser. If your product is software, then create your final product and then limit the functionality in some way to create the teaser.

Make sure that every time that you increase the expectations and anticipation for your products and services you also deliver the highest quality possible. The teaser method is a very effective way of creating anticipation and building up expectations. Apple, one of the biggest companies in the US, is excellent at this. They create expectation for delivery dates of their coolest gadgets like the iPhone and iPad. The problem arises only if they can’t live to those expectations or deliver on time. Imagine the disaster if they announce the iPhone and then they can’t deliver it on time… You don’t want that to happen to you.

According to Debie Weill, an online marketing and corporate blogging consultant based in Washington, DC, in her article titled: “5 Tips to Write a Sexy Teaser”1, she explains how a good copyrighting teaser includes the following elements:

  • Specific and relevant details (a name, an occupation)
  • Actual dollar amounts (if available)
  • A twist or unexpected comparison (in this case; he was a successful salesman but couldn’t raise money for his startup through a traditional bank loan)

Those elements that she mentions, are used for copyrighting teasers, however, they can also be somewhat applied to a full product teaser online. The specific and relevant details refer to a clear description of your product or service. Don’t just make a vague introduction, explain reasons to connect. The dollar amounts allow people to gauge the size of their investment and to gain a clear picture of what is being talked about. Price is all about psychological value. By mentioning numbers, it allows people to frame their own understanding of what it means to them in terms of value.

Finally, she uses unexpected comparison. Or what we like to call contrast. As human beings we are wired to either find harmony or contrast. Either things fit together somehow or they are completely distinct. Therefore the only reason why copyrighting teasers become interesting is because the reader finds itself wanting to make sense of it. In regards to product teasers, you want to provide this sense of contrast simply by providing a very high quality experience. That way, when the experience ends, the user ends up with lots of contrast between the pleasure of your product and the pain of their current need.

Now go and make the best product teasers that you can: today.

God Bless you,

Alex Centeno MBA.

Alex Centeno MBA. is the creative director and online marketing strategist at Merkados™ Interactive Partners based in Raleigh, NC. For more information visit

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