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Google Analytics Logos or No-logos?

Google Analytics Qualified Professional! Yeap. I took the test in over an hour. Answered a good amount of very interesting and not-so-upfront questions and got my qualification. After studying for a while, even though I felt like I knew GA pretty well, I decided to take the test. I think that the studying really made a huge difference, otherwise I would’ve failed.

It is an in depth analysis into basics, advanced filtering and profiling and even Regex!

Anyways, one thing disappointed me a bit. After getting my qualification I didn’t find any logos anywhere. Why not offer any logos so that your students can display their new qualifications? Obviously the main reason why they would take the certification in the first place is so that they demonstrate that they are qualified.

I think that our clients will appreciate the extra effort to get qualified and therefore “officially” say that you know what you are talking about.

Why are Analytics important?

Analytics are important because they allow the business owner to understand how their traffic behaves on their website, where it is coming from and its composition.

Understanding your audience is always very important in order to grow your business both online and offline.

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