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Google new features. Google Webmaster Tools Update: Revised

I love Google updates. Every time they introduce a new feature is something valuable that brings something new to the table. This time the update is on Google Webmaster Tools (Google Sitemaps service).

The new feature is called: “Crawl Rate”. It gives information in three specific areas:

The number of pages in your site crawled per day for the last three months.

Number of kilobytes downloaded per day

Time spent downloading a page (in milliseconds).

This is great information especially for those increasing the amount of content in their site, now you have a better idea of how many pages you are actually bringing to the internet as added value.

Finally you can also set different speeds for your crawling. Isn’t it amazing? Visit Google Webmaster Tools today and check it out by yourself. I think that internet marketing is more exciting than ever.

Revised: September 18th, 2010:

Ok, so obviously the Crawl rate is certainly not news anymore so what can I share with you about the Google Webmaster Tools? Well, these days some people don’t know yet about the great information about keywords. Inside of the Google Webmaster Tools Console, click on Keywords. These reports tells you the most common found words on your site. So that is not really news right? Well, if you pair that with the fact that now they allow you to see the “variations” of each keyword then something invaluable comes up.

So why should you care? Simple. If Google cares, then perhaps if you want to increase your traffic from them you should too. Make sure that when writing your content you use all variations of your keywords. For example the possessive (adding ‘s) or the plural(adding s) or adding the termination “ing”.

The more variations the more natural you can make your content read. That is good news not only for the Google crawler, but also for your users. It is easier for them to read and therefore to get engaged.

Until next time people.

Alex Centeno MBA.
Creative Director & Digital Media Strategist
Merkados Interactive Partners

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