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Interactive Marketing – Repetition and Interaction – revisited

Internet marketing is all about the sensitivity of your clients in an specific environment to specific impulses. If you have an amazing web site with accurate information, with great design and valid content but yet your client is not impacted by it, then you have absolutely nothing. In my experience I have seen the ugliest web sites generating lots of clients because they don’t fail to address their clients sensitivity.

So what is sensitivity? Sensitivity is the capacity of an organism to respond to stimulation. How do I stimulate my audience? There are many ways to stimulate audiences specifically for marketing purposes. I am going to share two:

  1. Repetition. Repetition is called the mother skill. Advertisers use it all the time. You need to be able to repeat over and over again who you are and what you do. If your website sales tires, then the most important thing that your client should remember when leaving the site is “tires”, repeat not only the word tires many times, but inform your clients extensively of all available tires (even the ones you don’t offer). When building the web site think of new ways of repeating “tires” in your clients’ minds -big tires, low rider tires, extra-shinny tires, radial tires, traction tires, temperature tires and all things you can think regarding tires.
  2. Interaction. When you allow your clients to not only access your website but also to interact with somebody they will be much more willing to be sensitive. Following the tire example, create a tire blog where your clients can discuss about tires. Create a forum about new tire technologies. Allow clients to communicate to you their needs online and adjust your business to their needs.

The web is the most important media channel in the world today, because it’s the only one that allows you to inform, interact and transact with your clients in a multimedia environment. Take advantage of all the power that is available and start using internet marketing for your benefit. I have said this a million times: dn’t just build a nice website, if you do, your clients will be gone. Do some interactive marketing and you’ll succeed in the long run.

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