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Referencing to the file used in the field is not allowed.

If you are using Drupal’s Insert Module, you may come across a very interesting problem. You may insert new images into your posts (inline), however, when you are ready to edit nodes you are welcomed with a message that says: “Referencing to the file used in the field is not allowed.” What do you do then?

Well you can go crazy trying to figure out what you did wrong. That is the first step. Then you can Google the error to check and see if you somebody else in this world has seen the message. And finally you start trying everything under the sun that the forums say.

In this case however, I am posting the solution to this particular problem so that we all remember how to fix it in the future. The problem happens because of incompatibilities between the version of Insert Module and the ImageField Module.

The Fix

1. Backup your DB (this is for security, if you are a wild person, then don’t do this part.)

2. Replace your fieldField module and your ImageField module with the latest stable version.

3. Run the update.php script in your Drupal installation :

4. Finally go to the pages and insert images like crazy…

That simple. I know that it sounds simple now that you know the answer, but believe me, when you have to spend a couple of hours in Google trying to figure out the solution, you might as well now take two hours and go to your favorite coffee shop.

Thanks guys, until next time.

Alex Centeno MBA.
Creative Director & Digital Media Strategist
Merkados Interactive Partners

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