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How to get the MX records of a Domain

Have you ever been troubleshooting an email routing problem or trying to figure out why a particular account is not sending or receiving emails?

Sometimes, the easiest way to start the troubleshooting is to identify first where is the mail server supposed to be.

If the DNS points to a different address than the one you are expecting, you could save yourself a lot of headache by simply changing it to the proper one.

But how do we easily check what email server is the one responding? That’s what we have here.

To know the MX DNS record, or in other terms, the mail server address of a domain type in the following command.

1. Go to your terminal (BASH).

2. Type the following command:

					dig mx +short

And that’s it! You’ll see a description of the mail records for the particular domain. Do you want more information? Then simply remove the +short to get it all.

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