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Learn Jquery in 3 days and 3 nights: Just watching videos

Ok here we go:

Day 1. In the morning: Have a cup of coffee and a bagel with creme cheese. Ok, ready with that? Perfect. Now go ahead and sit back for 1 hour and take in this introductory video. It starts by telling you the very basics of jQuery:

After watching the previous video you should have a good understanding of how jquery works and what it does. Next is to start to practice with selections. So go ahead and create an html document with at least one div with an ID. Then make sure that you can select the div by id and that you can perform a method on it, perhaps animate it. That is it. Once you have the $().something(); clear in your mind the it is time to move on.

2. Go ahead and take a look at using Jquery with AJAX. Ajax is one of the most exciting technologies of the WEB2.0 wave. Don’t reload your pages when all you want is to refresh one element: use AJAX!

Alright, awesome. Now that you have an introduction of AJAX and the load method, it is time to practice. To practice with the load method do the following:

1. Create an xhtml file with some content in it.

2. Create a second xhtml file with an unordered list that contains li elements.

3. Now make a call using the load method from the first html. Load the elements in your main html. Now make the document.ready.

That is it.

Say: "Hola" to your new clients.

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