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Techniques to better websites – revisited

I have seen how some businesses are more interested in the look of the website, instead of the little great things behind scenes. I guess it’s easy for me to see the complexities of interactive marketing because I work doing this all day long. However, I also understand that it doesn’t necessarily come naturally to everybody.

Most people know that in the game of Chess, knowing the rules of the game is simply not enough to beat a good player. Mature strategy is certainly necessary. Internet marketing is far more complex than the game of Chess. Strategy and tactics are fundamental to the success of your business online. Of course knowing the rules (and the secrets) is important; but understanding the components of a competitive strategy is critical.

I have put together in this short post, three tactics that may help you improve your business online.


Technique 1. Pay attention to your clients, not to your company. If you pay attention to your own company, then you would have a lot of trouble providing the web content that your clients are really
looking for.

Ask your clients directly and indirectly what are the things that they are more interested in when they come to you. Directly means, ask them by phone or by interviewing with them. Indirectly is by checking your access log files in the server. You can check where the clients are clicking and how many time they view each page. You may check what are the most visited pages and get a
better idea of the content they are most interested in.

Technique 2. Offer content for free and once you have enough knowledge of the most visited material, then charge for extended knowledge in those matters. The most common short term
problem on the web is that some websites want to get their client’s money(value) without offering anything in exchange (no value). Exchange in the web, as in the world, is a very powerful technique. Give to others and naturally they are going to be willing to give back to you, it is the law of reciprocity.

Technique 3. Offer interaction. If your clients are able, not only to access your information, but also become part of it by providing input, you will experience higher ROI. The reason is simple, interaction creates interest. You may call the attention of your prospective clients by offering free content and perhaps sometimes get them interested with the information itself. However a sure way of creating interest in your content is if they have personally interacted with it. Examples of this interaction can be games, simple quizzes, share-with-friends applications and others.


1. Start by understanding your target market.

2. Offer free content to them to get their attention.

3. Provide interaction to gain their interest.

Until next time,

Alex Centeno MBA.

Creative Director and Digital Media Strategist

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