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2 Fast SEO Tips you might have missed

This post is going to be one of those that I don’t give the entire chicken and the eggs, but give just the eggs in order to keep the chicken.

Here it goes:

1. Relevancy of content. Let’s say that you have a pile of folders in your desk. And you have placed the most significant words of each page at the footer of each page in each folder. Now, if you were asked: “which document is the most relevant for _keyword?” you would probably go through the pages and check the documents for those who have the _keyword in the footer. Then you would try to see which ones have the most relevant content about that topic and finally how authoritative that specific folder is. Right? Right…

2. Relevancy of sub-documentation. If you have two pages of your website competing for the word “_keyword” and the first one has 10 quality backlinks and the second has 1 quality backlink, to which one would you devote more quality backlinks? From which one would you create internal links to the other? That is right… Seach Engine Optimization is not complicated.

So next time that you are trying to rank for a particular set of keywords try first to be “content relevant” and second try to make your sub-documentation as relevant as possible.


Alex Centeno MBA.
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