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Google Analytics and Google Sitemaps combined

What is the benefit in combining both worlds? Google Analytics provides information about what happened once your visitors arrived at your site, why not also have information about how those visitors behave when they are ready to click on your site? Search engine marketing relates not only to the conversion inside the web sites but also about bringing new qualified traffic into your site.

Google Webmaster Console (formerly known as Google Sitemaps) is a great tool to include in your arsenal when considering a complete strategy for SEM.

Google Webmaster Console provides one of my favorite comparison tables for your site: Top search queries and Top search query clicks.

Top search queries allows you to understand the exposure of your keywords (the top 1000 on screen and the rest via export), on the other hand, top search query clicks allows you to grasp which keywords are actually bringing traffic to your site. Match this information with your Google Analytics reports, specially using the Sources Conversion report and you will know the average position of your top search query click terms and the amount of traffic.

One step at a time: Take the time to download your Google Webmaster Console information at least every month. Some time in the future match this information with the traffic changes in your website. Take a closer look at your leads from Google cross-segmented by keyword and you would find information that you hadn’t seen before.

Also, from the console you’ll get very valuable information such as impressions from search. You can also combine the report with the specific query, or even query-type, then combine it with the actual page that was ranked and finally analyze position in Google and Click Through Rate.

Pretty remarkable. If you are not using Google Webmaster Console, we recommend you do. And if you are looking for a more comprehensive approach to digital marketing, contact Merkados™ today.

I hope this little tip allows marketers out there to push limits a little further.


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