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Need the IP address of your visitors in Google Analytics Reports? Is it possible?

In short: YES YOU CAN! Even though Google has blocked the ability to gather IP information out of the box from your Google Analytics reports, you can resort to PHP to “introduce” them back. This is based on the fact that by using Google Analytics you shouldn’t be able to identify specific users and their behaviors. There is an easy way to still gather the IP’s if you don’t mind using also a little bit of php (Apache server is the best way to go). Use the following code in your body tag (I would use it only in the home-page.

Remember, this is using PHP:

First you need to insert a combination of php and javascript in your website. Also, you need to understand that you will be using the “__utmSetVar” Javascript tag. This tag will allow you to set the user-defined field in your G.A. interface. You can only set this value once. If you set it twice, it simply will overwrite your previous value.

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