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Can you get GoogleBot as a new pet?

Ok so the latest I have discovered in this crazy world of SEO is that Google is now testing a little utility that allows you to fetch pages with GoogleBot. You heard it right.

So you might be thinking: “I want that”. Perhaps your second thought is: “How?” Ok here it is:

Just visit the webmaster tools platform. How? Oh ok, go to and if you don’t yet have an account with Google you will have to create one. Once inside you need to verify the ownership of your site. Finally just ask GoogleBot to fetch the page that you want him to go get. Then as the best Golden Retriever he runs fast and comes back with a “Pending” status. Fortunately pending was for only seconds. Then he comes back to you and in his mouth has a success message. When you click on the “success” link you get your page. Just like that. Can you believe it? Once GoogleBot was this upscale pet that belonged to the most highest society of the internet. Only a ring of people could ask him to fetch and he would even think about it.

Now, almost anybody can ask him to go fetch and he does it. He goes and comes back with it.

Is there any benefit from this? The most important one is that you would have immediate understanding of your indexing capabilities. If your page can’t be retrieved for whatever reason you will know almost instantaniously.

Enjoy guys enjoy.

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