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10 Easy Tips to Get Visibility on Google Search, Yahoo and MSN

Most people involved in the marketing of a website want to start by having visibility of their site in the major search engines. Questions like: Do I need to summit every page to Google or How long do I need to wait? Are very normal, and that is why we have created this 10 easy tips that you can implement to be listed in no time.

Check the linking structure of your site. Make sure that all links point correctly to unique content pages and that your site has no-broken links. Check also that all the links to a page are referenced in the same way (i.e. the home page always is linked to with the href tag: and not sometimes with the www, or without the / at the end of the URl).

Make every page available through a text link. The best way to accomplish this is to create a sitemap. The sitemap would be an html file that contains links to all sections of your site. NOTE: if you happen to have more than 100 links in the same page, then create several sitemaps and link to them from a common sitemap file.

Create unique tags for every page. Use unique titles and tags for every page in your site. Usually since your developer or designer may have used a template to construct your site, the tendency is to find repetitive tags across the site. Before you even upload your site, create unique tags for each of your pages by doing a keyword research and finding what keywords your users are more likely to use to find your content.

Create a sitemap.xml file with all your URLs. When you do, make sure that the URLS have the appropriate names. Remove any duplication that an automated tool could have created. Finally verify the ownership of your site with Google and Yahoo! and submit the sitemap.xml file for their crawling.

Check out Google Webmaster Tools and Yahoo Site Explorer services for more information.

Join open forums or blogs that allow you to include links and include a link to your site in your profile. The main idea behind this is to create links in pages that are already being crawled by the engines so that they refer the spiders to your site.

Make sure that your site has unique and relevant content. Many websites decide to go to and borrow some content to place in their sites, this obviously decreases the chances that if your site is found by the SE, they would want to rank it. So sit down for 30 minutes and write your own content and remember to use promotional language to convince your audience of why you are different and better.

Don’t implement any techniques that are intended to manipulate in any way your search engine listing. Avoid any kind of hidden text, cloaking, repetitive text and keywords, spamming of the Title and Meta tags, and any other technique that any human user would not find useful. You want to use the richest language possible in your copy. Try synonyms for your important keywords (don’t forget to include your actual keywords in your content).

Make your content readable. Make sure that you are able to read through your content and that it makes sense. Also try to use H1 tags for your title and H2 for your subtitle. Use bold type carefully. You may even want to look at your pages without using Cascading Style Sheets – this is easily accomplished with browser add-ons like the Web Developer Toolbar. Pages should be reasonably organized and usable.

Provide quality links from your site. Be careful of your links. Include links that are relevant to your audience and that would improve their experience. Linking is good! If done properly linking is a very positive thing.

Don’t change your tags every two days. The results of your SEO efforts might easily take from 10 to 30 to 60 days to really show in the search engines (sometimes even longer). Be patient. I have no doubts that if you follow this 10 easy steps you will be up and running in the search engines in no time. If you have no time or desire to do this, then contact a professional internet marketing agency to do it for you.

Alex A. Centeno MBA. Internet Marketing Specialist

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