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Apple Ipad Information and SDK links – $499 -16GB

Apple iPad - Tablet by Steve Jobs

Apple iPad - Tablet by Steve Jobs - GDGT

What is the Apple Ipad then?

Well consider the following: Half an inch thin, 1.5 pounds. 9.7 inch display: this is the Ipad from Apple. The newest creation from our Steve Jobs. I just want to say that this guy is a genius. His legacy is amazing and a fantastic visionary full of emotion and obviously and incredible sense of design.

Back to the iPad: 16GB or 32GB of storage… I mean this is just a beauty to see. I can’t even wait to hold one. Incredible battery power, 10 hours or over a month of standby power! Accelerometer and compass. The iPad can also run the apps from the iPhone out of the box… All of those apps from the App store work as they should. Play HD video from YouTube and of course full Safari navigation for your web pages.

Obviously, you can play games and do all of that, however now you do it with a screen 9.7 inches big! That is a absolutely incredible.

The Apple iPad is different than the ipod touch also in that you can change the background just as you would in a regular computer. And you can plug a full keyboard to it.

Calendar has been redesigned specially for the Ipad and it just looks outstanding. You can do everything you do with the iPod Touch such as view photos and send emails and make phone calls (skype) and all that good stuff.

Apple Ipad SDK links

Also, there is a completely new SDK that is coming out today including iPad tools. And developers can take advantage of the nice big screen if they want to. You can get the new iPad SKD here.

How about WiFi? Yeah it comes great.

The price, yeah the price $499 – in 60 days from today

The price? Well, many people was a bit worried about the price, however I don’t think that $1,099 would be that bad right? I still know I want one ASAP! IPad could be $1,999 and I would run to get one. Aggressive pricing is at $499!

Are you kidding? $499?


You can read and store books in your virtual bookshelf. You can access and Ibook store that allows you to discover books, and with 5 of the largest publishers in the world: Penguin, Harper Collins, Simon and Schuster, Macrellian and Hachette: this is a major blow to reading books in conventional pieces of paper. The ibook store is precisely that, just an app that allows you to buy books on the fly: fantastic.

Iworks for the Ipad

Well, you guess it! This is an amazing way to get the Ipad to work as well. So not just entertainment folks, you can work with iWorks for the iPad, spreadsheets, presentations, word processings and all you need with a software that took 1 full year to port.

You can create professional presentations, and it has a fantastic porting of Numbers – the spreadsheet thingy.

Keynote runs in landscape mode, isn’t that phenomenal? Just absolutely great. Keynote in the iPad obviously is not the same as in a regular computer, but I believe it will be used to deliver the presentations a lot more than just creating them. For example, you could just create them in the comfort of your keyboard and then show up to your meeting with the ipad. What if you need to change the presentation while you are in the room? well, that is exactly what you can do with this. The best thing is that it is multitouch! so you can use multiple fingers to do all sorts of stuff.

Well, it comes also with its own version of Pages for word processing and also Numbers for Spreadsheets. The coolest thing, well, it has tabs at the top so one document can have many tabs.

I can see how this thing can consume a lot of your time. I mean, this thing is great for work, but can you believe showing up to a client meeting with the Ipad? You can basically do anything you would with your laptop, except that you don’t carry a lot of stuff. Or, for example how about being in a 4 hour flight? Yeah, let’s do one movie and two of your favorite books.

Itunes via USB

Movies, music, contacts, bookmarks, apps and more can be synced via the itunes just as the Iphone or Ipod touch.

3G built in – Cellular Data

$14,99 per month to have the 3G. It has an unlimited plan for just $29.99. Cancel whenever you want. Rejoin whenever you want. That is being connected anywhere – always! In the summer, the international plans will be better planned, however there is a great chance that they are just going to work because they are not blocked!

Available in an Apple Store near you on March 25th, 2009

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