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Does Amazon need to rethink Kindle?

The Kindle is a cool device that I am sure many people enjoy. However it is fair to say that people will start to see it as the Sony Walkman, versus the Mp3 player. Is this the RIP for the Kindle? Well, the Ipad just changes the entire game. In my opinion the first strategic reaction of Amazon should be to become more competitive in terms of price. Perhaps a promotional price that includes books for free or something that Amazon can offer that Apple can’t at this time.

Most importantly is the long term. It is time for Amazon to go to work. They have to come up with a device that competes with the Ipad. It doesn’t have to do everything that the Ipad does, but it has to be a competitor. In other words, find something that Apple can’t offer and gain competitive advantage. Apple is extremely good at looking at all the faults of an industry and then capitalizing on them. Then the industry has to catch up.

Perhaps the best option is to make deals with the publishers and offer books for free in the Kindle. Maybe the only way is to compete by price and therefore go to work into how to make the Kindle the most inexpensive tablet in the market. What if the Kindle was $49,99?

Unfortunately  for me I love Macs and I love watching videos, listing to music, and doing all sorts of stuff. But, and this is a big but, why have all that stuff in my iPad, when I already have it in my iPhone in my pocket?

Why would I want an Ipad for the screen size? Battery life? Bigger user-interface?

Don’t get me wrong, God willing, I’ll do my best to get an Ipad. The thing is that Amazon needs to continue to be relevant to the people that preferred Kindle first. Most importantly, they should make sure that they are relevant in 18 months for people looking into the Kindle as an option.

I don’t see lots of options for the other competitors on the market like Barnes and Noble with the Nook.

Take it easy folks and until next time.

Alex_ @ merkados

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