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Flash CS5 – Physics Engine is too cool!

I don’t know what the guys at Adobe are eating but I want some of that! The physics engine in Flash CS5 is just ridiculously awesome. One click here and one click there and you have animated behavior with gravity, pull, mass calculations and a lot more. This is insane. Flash is becoming such a powerful tool that web designers won’t be able to ignore it for too long.

In today’s world, web designers are mostly thinking in terms of graphic design for the web. In other words, they use shapes, type, space and other elements to create a compelling and beautiful interface. The times are changing and they are changing fast. Interactive websites are here to stay. And I am not talking about the old “move everything in the page” kind of deal. The real interactive web is here. Broadband has made it possible.

Many things have to change in the next 2 years. I am sure Flash is going to be used a lot more. However at the same time I see the problems that Apple is having to adopt it in its iPhone.

Priority number one for Flash guys is to get Flash to the iPhone. No matter the cost. EVEN IF IT IS FREE! Why? Well, why wouldn’t Apple want to create a similar application that is native? Honestly with all the knowledge they have from Motion? I would say, priority number one is get Flash to the iPhone sooner rather than later. Otherwise you risk too much market share in the future.

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