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Google provides WIFI access for free.

“Google WiFi Hits Mountain View For Free

Google WiFi Hits Mountain View For FreeGoogle is providing a free WiFi network under “GoogleWifi” (802.11b/g) in Mountain View, CA. Anyone can use it, including business, visitors and the 72,000+ residents. You must sign into the network with your Google Account, it is not fully public in that sense, but anyone can register for access. Ready to get started using GoogleWifi? There are more details on the “how to” at and at the Google Blog.

I believe this is the first of many cities that Google will be providing free Wifi access to. ”

Why would Google provide WiFi and again for free? My first impression is that first Google needed a clear business picture of the adwords market. They first had the historic information of the usage of Adwords, when this information was not enough they started providing Google Analytics. This service not only allows Google to look into the Adwords patterns of usage but also into the Non-adwords patterns of usage, nevertheless this left the simple question: is it possible to track the end users instead of the publishers? The second question is how can you track internet usage without having to rely in javascript? The answer to both of them is to provide free access to internet (Wifi). What would be the next step for the giant? I believe that it is not enough to track the behaviour if it cann’t be changed. I would assume that the next step for Google would include the personal ads (one-on-one).

The truth is wouldn’t you prefer to open your browser and receive only ads that apply to whatever you are interested in? Wouldn’t you prefer to look into technologies that you want to know about?

The most important thing to remember, in my experience, we all are different people, we have different needs and different wants. Our leaders often shape our desires and where we put our attention.Think twice: “Are you ready to know what you want?”

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