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The secret of high return keywords with Google Analytics

Google Analytics can be used to further investigate the behavior of your users online. In this session we will find a simple yet useful way to reveal what keywords are bringing the most value to your site. This is critical since by discarding the non-profit generating keywords you will optimize your resources thus creating more return.


Let’s start by saying that you want to always document all the changes that you make in your internet marketing strategies including seo, sem and ppc. The key to effective analytics is to pinpoint what changes are the most relevant and keep changing in that direction.

Back to business:

  1. Open your Google Analytics account and go directly to your profile view. For the purpose of this session we assume that you already have the GA code installed in your site and that you know how to move around the different dashboards.
  2. Switch your dashboard to Marketer View.
  3. Click on > Overall Keyword Conversion
  4. Click to open the comparison calendar view.
  5. In the upper calendar select the current month, in the lower calendar automatically you will see the previous month.
  6. Organize your keywords by number of visits and locate the keywords with the highest $/Visit
  7. Those keywords will represent the most profitable keywords for your site.

Remember that these keywords are taken FROM YOUR SITE. This technique is useful in determining what keywords don’t deserve your time and which ones could be used with a higher budget.


  • TIP: If you are using content targeting. Don’t just focus in the amount of traffic that it brings. Also pay attention to the conversions that occur thanks to the traffic generated by your content targeting. If you notice that your conversion points grow following a pattern be careful, you might be receiving click fraud visitation.


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