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Learning Website Design: Session 2 – Main Concepts

OK, in our first session of our series “Learning website design” we looked at our favorite tools to get the job done. In this one, I will explain the main concepts of how the web works and also an introduction on how websites do their job.

HTTP – HyperText Transfer Protocol

It is important to understand what HTTP is. It stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. Hypertext is the text that can be linked to other pieces of content (other text). Think of a protocol as a set of rules or directives that allow computers (browsers) to interpret a language. For example, when you extend your hand forward to another person, they “understand” that they are supposed to “shake” your hand in a gesture that means “welcome” or “hello”. That understanding is a protocol. The protocol of HyperText Markup simply defines what the rules are for a browser to be able to interpret it and display it in a human-readable way.

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