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Using Pain as an Internet Marketing strategy – revisited

First of all I want to say that every one of us responds pretty much the same way to stimuli. We all try to avoid pain and welcome pleasure. It seems to be inserted into our nervous systems.

As an Internet marketing consultant I have seen that many times it is productive to repeat to your clients of potential pain  related to the lack or provision of your product or the pleasure associated to having it. For example: when you are finalizing the cart process and were are ready to buy the laptop from your website, it seems like a good idea to remind us of the possibility of purchasing a surge protector. Surge problems are specially important in this environments because they can get rid of your investment in a second.

Maybe we don’t want to be reminded of the extra charges that may need to be covered in order to feel safe, nonetheless it is better to know the possible problems and be prepared than to not know and blame it on the company we are buying from.

The key here is that we ponder pain very highly. We want to avoid pain now and in the future and therefore sometimes we are willing to experience a small amount of pain now if we are sure that it will prevents us from much greater pain in the future. Now, there is a key word here as well: “sure”. One problem with this technique is that many businesses have used it and it ends up not preventing the greater pain in the end.

For example, you buy a new LCD tv in your favorite electronics store. When you are ready to check out they kindly remind you of their “insurance” program. In case something goes wrong with your new tv, they will take care of absolutely everything. So far so good. The problem is that many people after buying into this programs find even more pain when they can’t get the electronics store to take care of the problems.

Pain is a very good advertising mechanism if used correctly and responsibly.

Start using pain in your Internet marketing strategies today.

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MBA. Alex A. Centeno

Internet Consultant

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