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Five Digital Media Tips to Increase Profits

Five Tips of Digital Media
Five Tips of Digital Media
The Digital Marketing & Website Podcast
Five Digital Media Tips to Increase Profits

Importance of having a good website.

  • Better to have no website than to have a bad website.
  • Franckensites: how do they happen?
  • – One small change that they could change to do better?

SEO – Social Media Marketing.

  • Why SEO is important?
  • What is SEO
  • What Google does for your website.
  • How many pages should your website have to start?

Social Media

  • You get SEO value and social media interaction.
  • What should you post? What is important.
  • How do you get more bang for your buck in social media.

Email Marketing

  • eMail is not dead.
  • Don’t spam your clients.
  • Great push marketing strategy.
  • How to do email marketing to get a great response.
  • Show that you care about your clients.
  • What not to do with sending emails.
  • How to effectively build an email database.
  • Don’t value quantity versus quality.
  • American Idol’s secret to improve the performance of their advertising.

Mobile Friendly-sites

  • More people visit websites from phones rather than desktops.
  • Mobile Design first.
  • What is responsive design.
  • People don’t waste their time “battling” a bad website, they just move to another one.
  • Customization for smaller devices.

Use content marketing

  • Write content / video / YouTube channel.
  • Don’t get discouraged by low results at first.
  • How to get results from your content.

Bonus Tips

  • Install Analytics
  • Install Google Webmaster Console. How to signup?
  • Big Call to Action Buttons (CTAs.) What are CTAs?

Say: "Hola" to your new clients.

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