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Track Scrolling in a Page (Engagement) with Jquery and Google Analytics

So I came across a post by RTP Harry from where he explains how to track scroll depth in Google Analytics.

Since I was looking for exactly that for one of our projects I was excited to give it a go. However it didn’t work. And so I started in my usual journey of understanding why it wasn’t working, fixing it and then sharing it with all of our readers. So here it is:


You want to track the engagement of your users and therefore you would like to see in Google Analytics if your users are scrolling down your pages and reaching at least 90% of the length.


This could be done in several ways, however in this case probably the easiest solution is to use Jquery (client-side) and Google Analytics.

To begin, Google Analytics provides something called Event Tracking. This allows to track things happening in your website, blog or page. And that is exactly what we are after. Most of the time this behavior is used to track downloads of PDFs videos or clicks on links. This time we are going to track scrolling on a page.

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